The Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck Book

Learn to think differently about the way you save & invest

You need to save mon­ey, but invest­ing seems like rock­et sci­ence. Learn how to build a healthy invest­ing habit in a way that makes sense from a human point of view.

Have you ever felt like you should be sav­ing more for the future, but you have no idea where to start?

Have you hunt­ed for a sim­ple invest­ing “how-to” that cuts through all the chat­ter and noise and pro­vides an action­able plan writ­ten in plain English?

Through a pow­er­ful metaphor that will change your under­stand­ing of invest­ing for­ev­er, The Elephant in the Room Has a Paycheck helps you cre­ate a step-by-step plan that intu­itive­ly makes sense, aligns to your social val­ues, and doesn’t force you to become an invest­ment man­ag­er on the side.

With his easy to under­stand style, David’s authen­tic and approach­able guide to invest­ing gives you the exact steps you must take to secure your finan­cial future.

Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck Cover

What you will learn

A dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive that will help you learn to invest on your terms with the con­fi­dence to stick to you plan.

Established con­ser­v­a­tive invest­ing tech­niques for the indi­vid­ual investor explained clear­ly and sim­ply, even if you’re not good with num­bers.

A step-by-step how-to get­ting start­ed plan. Even if you’ve nev­er made an invest­ment on your own before, you can fol­low this guide and get start­ed on your own.

Unique met­rics designed to moti­vate, inspire, and make invest­ing fun.

The right infor­ma­tion and news to track so that you can build mas­tery with­out being dri­ven by the fear and anx­i­ety of finan­cial news.

Choose a Smarter Approach to Investing

One That Will Have You Looking Forward to Opening your Monthly Statement

Develop Good Habits

We help you put a struc­ture to your invest­ing that rein­forces good habits by devel­op­ing reg­u­lar cues and then focus­ing on reward­ing results.

Have Fun

You work too hard for your mon­ey & should enjoy it. Being finan­cial­ly respon­si­ble should also be fun; for many it’s more of a bur­den.

Stay Motivated

We’ve cre­at­ed per­for­mance met­rics to help you stay moti­vat­ed. Watching your Elephant’s Paycheck grow each month makes it eas­i­er to stick to your blue­print.

Be Empowered

Developing a per­son­al­ized invest­ment strat­e­gy based on the Elephant’s Paycheck Blueprint teach­es you to make smarter invest­ing deci­sions for your future. What could be bet­ter?

Reduce Risk

There are over 50 com­pa­nies that have increased their div­i­dend each year for more than 25 years. Would you want to be the CEO respon­si­ble for break­ing that streak? Neither do they.

Avoid Information Overload

Have you ever want­ed to be a trad­er? Yeah, us nei­ther. We’ll teach you how to learn the impor­tant infor­ma­tion you need to track your invest­ments, with­out being over­whelmed by com­plex­i­ty.

Beat Inflation

Either you’re beat­ing infla­tion or you’re los­ing. Be con­fi­dent that when you need your mon­ey, it’ll have the same pur­chas­ing pow­er it did when you earned it.

Track Your Success

Use our port­fo­lio track­er to mea­sure your suc­cess in a per­son­al & mean­ing­ful man­ner, and in a way that keeps you moti­vat­ed. All you’ll need are basic spread­sheet skills.

Align to Your Social Values

Pick invest­ments that align to your social val­ues. You’re more like­ly to fol­low their busi­ness when you have a mean­ing­ful con­nec­tion to their mis­sion.

Focus on Time, not Timing

Compounding rocks! Stick to an invest­ing strat­e­gy as long as you do a mort­gage and you’ll be shocked at how your Elephant’s Paycheck grows.

About the author

David BresslerMy name is David Bressler, and I’ve been hav­ing fun invest­ing for over 30 years. All this time I’ve been look­ing for a book to share with oth­ers that would explain how I invest.

There are books out there but they tell the sto­ry from a finan­cial per­spec­tive. I want­ed more.

I want­ed a book read­able by some­one with­out any inter­est in finance. By some­one who want­ed to cre­ate a healthy habit, but need­ed a way to intu­itive­ly under­stand how to go about doing so.

It only occurred to me recent­ly that I was going to have to write that book myself!

I believe I have a valu­able per­spec­tive on how to invest for the long term (I have a huge spread­sheet to prove it), and a unique abil­i­ty to explain it clear­ly (just ask my wife).

I hope you stick around and come to agree with both points.