Dividends aren’t everything

Came across this twit­ter dis­cus­sion that’s worth shar­ing. I’m a huge believ­er in div­i­dends, and almost nev­er invest in any­thing with­out one… but a company’s div­i­dend (oth­er than it’s exis­tence) isn’t a rea­son to invest.

Retail loca­tions are being closed, malls sit emp­ty.

Retail outlets closing

While one twit­ter­er points out that Macy’s stock would be worth less (worth­less?) with­out it’s div­i­dend, Josh Brown smart­ly points out that share­hold­ers might have been even bet­ter off if Macy’s had fig­ured out how to use that mon­ey to com­pete instead.

Make sure you know more than just the div­i­dend yield before you invest in any com­pa­ny.

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