An Income Investing Blueprint for 401K Rollovers

An Income Investing Blueprint for 401K Rollovers


Choose a Smarter Approach to Investing

One That Will Have You Looking Forward to Opening your Monthly Statement

1Develop Good Habits
We help you put a structure to your investing that reinforces good habits by developing regular cues and then focusing on rewarding results.
2Have Fun
You work too hard for your money & should enjoy it. Being financially responsible should also be fun; for many it’s more of a burden.
3Stay Motivated
We’ve created performance metrics to help you stay motivated. Watching your Elephant’s Paycheck grow each month makes it easier to stick to your blueprint.
4Be Empowered
Developing a personalized investment strategy based on the Elephant’s Paycheck Blueprint teaches you to make smarter investing decisions for your future. What could be better?
5Reduce Risk
There are over 50 companies that have increased their dividend each year for more than 25 years. Would you want to be the CEO responsible for breaking that streak? Neither do they.
6Avoid Information Overload
Have you ever wanted to be a trader? Yeah, us neither. We'll teach you how to learn the important information you need to track your investments, without being overwhelmed by complexity.
7Beat Inflation
Either you're beating inflation or you're losing. Be confident that when you need your money, it’ll have the same purchasing power it did when you earned it.
8Track Your Success
Use our portfolio tracker to measure your success in a personal & meaningful manner, and in a way that keeps you motivated. All you’ll need are basic spreadsheet skills.
9Align to Your Social Values
Pick investments that align to your social values. You’re more likely to follow their business when you have a meaningful connection to their mission.

10Focus on Time, not Timing
Compounding rocks! Stick to an investing strategy as long as you do a mortgage and you’ll be shocked at how your Elephant’s Paycheck grows.


Grab Our Free Investing Blueprint Course

Changing jobs? If so you have a great opportunity to rollover your 401K into an IRA. It's a great opportunity because you gain the freedom to choose your own investments. However, with this freedom comes great responsibility.

The Elephant's Paycheck Blueprint can help.

      Here’s what we’ve got for you:

    • A systematic way to understand, implement & measure a personalized investing strategy that aligns to your social values.
    • A step-by-step tutorial to create your own rewarding Elephant’s Paycheck Portfolio.
    • A sample portfolio highlighting the Blueprint’s unique metrics for keeping you motivated & satisfied with your results.

More about our free investing blueprint course here...


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