The Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck

Money Making Money

Get started investing in a way that allows you to learn more, have fun, and invest wisely

A new investing point of view

When you have fun, you'll learn more and stick with it longer

I've been having fun investing since my teens, and I want to help you get started building financial security and have fun doing it (so that you stick to it for a long time).

In this course, written in easy to understand language, you'll learn:

  1. basic investing terminology, with a particular focus on dividends
  2. how to get started investing with as little as $10
  3. how to measure your success so that the ups-and-downs of the market and intense financial news don't make you constantly question what you've done

You'll also get access to a tracker I've created for readers of my book and we'll set it up using a small investment I've made in Apple on Stockpile.

Whether you want to get started investing but aren't sure how, or are a seasoned investor who wants a new way to measure their success, this course if for you.

This course is free for now, and I hope you find it valuable.

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Over the course of a month you will receive seven emails that will teach you how to get started investing, shift the way you measure success so that you have more fun, and walk you through setting up a simple stock tracker of your own.

Participants will also receive my Elephant's Paycheck tracker template and $5 to get started investing with Stockpile.