Can you afford to buy a home?

This has been on my mind a lot over the last few years. From a simple observational perspective in much of Manhattan, do the math. Without parental help, it's simply impossible to buy a family-sized apartment.

While mort­gages have become more acces­si­ble over time, the fun­da­men­tals haven’t changed. You put a por­tion of mon­ey down, the rest cov­ered by a loan of either 30 or 15 years. The bank col­lects tax­es and holds them in escrow, pay­ing them for you (to low­er their own risk). And, if you put down less […]

Dollar Cost Averaging: What is it good for?

Dollar cost averaging provides an advantage for lowering your investing costs over time, which are best used to reinforce a healthy wealth building habit rather than to determine when to invest a lump sum.

Even the phrase “dol­lar cost aver­ag­ing” should put most peo­ple to sleep. Yet, here it is. Dollar cost aver­ag­ing is an invest­ing “strat­e­gy” that basi­cal­ly says, if you invest the same amount reg­u­lar­ly over time, some­times you buy high and oth­er times low­er. Because you’re invest­ing the same amount of mon­ey each time, when prices are low­er […]

Four steps to invest your 401k rollover and gain clarity on your progress towards retirement

When I orig­i­nal­ly launched this site, I launched with a free course to help peo­ple invest their 401k rollover. It was a 10-part course that went deep, so took about 2 months to com­plete. The feed­back was great, though some want­ed some­thing sim­pler. They wrote: “just tell me what to do”. This group were will­ing to learn […]

Why don’t people invest?

People don't invest because it usually doesn't feel good. When was the last time you participated in something you don't understand, in spite of it not feeling good?

Pause. Clear pre­con­cep­tions. Then ask the void… why don’t peo­ple invest? Let’s even nar­row the audi­ence of peo­ple. People who are edu­cat­ed, with a job, and with some mon­ey to invest. Yet still, why don’t they invest? Many com­pa­nies have a lot of mon­ey rid­ing on the answer to this ques­tion. Their answers… more tech­nol­o­gy. More access. More […]

Investing in Airlines

You may not be investing in an airplane company

I’m fas­ci­nat­ed by indi­vid­ual investors who think they can beat the mar­ket. Who think they can do research with spe­cial insight, beyond what the pro­fes­sion­als can do. How many peo­ple who invest in air­lines real­ize that most of the mon­ey they make comes from the points they sell? This is a great exam­ple of how many […]

Airline Investments

Dividends aren’t everything

Came across this twit­ter dis­cus­sion that’s worth shar­ing. I’m a huge believ­er in div­i­dends, and almost nev­er invest in any­thing with­out one… but a company’s div­i­dend (oth­er than it’s exis­tence) isn’t a rea­son to invest. Retail loca­tions are being closed, malls sit emp­ty. While one twit­ter­er points out that Macy’s stock would be worth less (worth­less?) with­out it’s […]

Your Investing Edge

Everyone's looking for an edge. Few are able to stomach the price. Those that do, reap the rewards.

Let’s pre­tend for a moment that the infor­ma­tion in my book is tru­ly dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing. A way to invest and win all the time. Why can’t peo­ple stick with it? Reading this arti­cle on black­jack card count­ing titled ’sur­viv­ing the con­tin­u­ous chain of dis­ap­point­ments’ helps under­stand why. The key to Thorp’s sys­tem was the abil­i­ty to sur­vive los­ing […]

Who doesn’t love raises?

Investing in dividend aristocrats increasing the likelihood of annual dividend increases, not just quarterly payments.

I came across this great arti­cle on the Kiplinger finance site, 12 Dividend Aristocrats for Every Month of the Year. It lists 12 com­pa­nies and shares some of their div­i­dend his­to­ry. As a group, you’ll get div­i­dend pay­ments every month. Getting paid every month, helps with bud­get­ing and cash flow for sure. Though I like […]

Updates to Dividend Aristocrats and Dividend Kings Lists

Some good additions reward companies with long histories of dividend increases

Dividend increas­es are amaz­ing­ly pow­er­ful in their impact on the com­pound­ing of div­i­dend “pay­checks,” espe­cial­ly for peo­ple with a long term focus on build­ing wealth. Increases com­pound over time, but also ensure pro­tec­tion of the div­i­dend “pay­check” from infla­tion. A New Dividend King There are cur­rent­ly only 19 div­i­dend kings, com­pa­nies with 50+ con­sec­u­tive years of div­i­dend […]