Four steps to invest your 401k rollover and gain clarity on your progress towards retirement

When I orig­i­nal­ly launched this site, I launched with a free course to help peo­ple invest their 401k rollover.

It was a 10-part course that went deep, so took about 2 months to com­plete. The feed­back was great, though some want­ed some­thing sim­pler. They wrote: “just tell me what to do”. This group were will­ing to learn but want­ed me to cut to the chase.

Now that I have fin­ished my book, I want­ed to take these ear­ly read­ers feed­back to heart, and deliv­er a sim­pler tuto­r­i­al on what to do with your 401K rollover when you switch jobs.

Here it is. A “cut to the chase” ebook that explains only the most basic con­cepts of rolling over a 401K and invest­ing the result­ing IRA using the Elephant’s Paycheck blue­print.

401K Rollover Ebook

The basic con­cepts in the ebook are the ones that in my work with hun­dreds of stu­dents I’ve found are required to under­stand what I’m talk­ing about, but usu­al­ly aren’t under­stood before work­ing with me.

If you’re rolling over a 401k you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to move it to an IRA and invest how­ev­er you like. In this ebook I share a way to invest your rollover so that your invest­ments become like a side busi­ness. That busi­ness will pay you just like your job does, only with­out the part where you work for the pay­check! In fact, this reminds me of one of my favorite endorse­ments received for my book:

David Bressler has a prob­lem with the way most of us learn about per­son­al finance: We don’t. He’s tack­led this fail­ure by draw­ing on inno­v­a­tive approach­es to mak­ing finan­cial plan­ning both easy to under­stand and doable. He urges us, for instance, to think of invest­ing as akin to launch­ing a start-up, which makes the whole process way more fun—in case the idea of build­ing wealth isn’t incen­tive enough!”

Brian Roemmele, co-host Around the Coin pod­cast & pay­ments indus­try vet­er­an

Tracking to a pay­check is fun, and also empow­er­ing. You know how to man­age your life to a pay­check — using your 401K rollover to gen­er­ate a pay­check helps you know that you can do the same in retire­ment. This aware­ness helps you under­stand how well you are pro­gress­ing towards your retire­ment goals.

A pay­check is only part of the fun. Your 401K rollover port­fo­lio can get a raise every sin­gle month too. How cool is that?

You real­ly should check it out (fill out the form):

I hope you enjoy it, and as always feed­back is wel­come.

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