2017 Was a good year for dividend investors

It looks like 2018 will be even bet­ter. Which makes sense con­sid­er­ing the recent­ly passed tax leg­is­la­tion. Money com­ing back from over­seas is like­ly to be returned to share­hold­ers as much (or more than) it will be used to cre­ate jobs. Companies that increase their div­i­dends are a gift that keeps on giv­ing.

Complete analysis of 2017 Dividend Aristocrats

There are 51 com­pa­nies which have increased their div­i­dends for 25 or more con­sec­u­tive years. As you know, I love these com­pa­nies because I find it valu­able to mea­sure the “pay­check” they deliv­er (through div­i­dends) and the “raise” they deliv­er through div­i­dend increas­es (help­ing to beat infla­tion AND help­ing invest­ing be fun). Ben Reynolds over […]

Four steps to invest your 401k rollover and gain clarity on your progress towards retirement

When I orig­i­nal­ly launched this site, I launched with a free course to help peo­ple invest their 401k rollover. It was a 10-part course that went deep, so took about 2 months to com­plete. The feed­back was great, though some want­ed some­thing sim­pler. They wrote: “just tell me what to do”. This group were will­ing to learn […]