Behavior vs Technology

At times, I strug­gled as I was writ­ing my book. I had one friend who shared the ear­ly release on Reddit, where it got creamed. I mean, seri­ous­ly if you have noth­ing nice to say, don’t say it… but that’s a top­ic for anoth­er time. Nice or not, it did cause me to think about what I was doing. Why does what I’m writ­ing mat­ter? Is it impor­tant?

The neg­a­tiv­i­ty helped me reach deep and focus. I had clar­i­ty when writ­ing. Clarity about who I was writ­ing for, and clar­i­ty about what I hope to share.

Still, today I got more clar­i­ty read­ing this tweet:

Behavior not technology

My mes­sage is not about the “tech­nol­o­gy” (or fea­tures) of div­i­dend invest­ing. It’s about the behav­ior of investors (or rather of non-investors). I attack the things that keep peo­ple from invest­ing in the first place. Sure, if you invest in oth­er ways and want to learn about div­i­dend invest­ing you will learn some­thing from my book. That’s not the deep focus I kept as I was writ­ing though. There are a lot of books (or online blogs and newslet­ters — be sure to start with Sure Dividend, my favorite div­i­dend invest­ment newslet­ter) to help you with learn­ing about div­i­dend invest­ing.

If you don’t know where to start or are too unsure about how to “do it right” please sign up for book release updates because my book is writ­ten just for you.

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