Income Inequality

I’m a fan of income, I’m sure you are too.

People still dis­like the banks, but there’s one opin­ion that says it’s not the banks that are the prob­lem:

The cen­tral eco­nom­ic prob­lem of our time is income inequal­i­ty, espe­cial­ly the lack of per­son­al income growth for most Americans, which was one of the under­ly­ing caus­es of the finan­cial cri­sis.

One of the rea­sons I feel so pas­sion­ate about the Elephant’s Paycheck is because it’s focused on invest­ing for income. It’s a sol­id blue­print to help you make bet­ter deci­sions and devel­op mas­tery around what you do so that you cre­ate healthy habits and can build long term wealth.

It helps you track rais­es, and those rais­es hap­pen year-after-year (unlike your salary which will, at some point, lev­el off) so that you stay ahead of infla­tion.

The Elephant’s Paycheck solves for, as the quote above says, “the lack of per­son­al income growth for most”.

What could be bet­ter?

For $11 and a cou­ple of hours of light read­ing, you real­ly should buy my book and become some­one who grows their per­son­al income rather than falling behind.

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