Will you have enough saved to retire?

401(k) plans were over-hyped when they were launched and gave employers a way to reduce spending on pension plans; a double-whammy that's going to affect your retirement

If the stats in this Wall Street Journal piece are any indi­ca­tion, you won’t. In 2013, near­ly half of US Households didn’t even have a retire­ment sav­ings account. For those that do, the amount saved isn’t near­ly enough to fund retire­ment. Especially as we live longer: And the sav­ings gap is wors­en­ing. Fifty-two per­cent of U.S. […]

Will you have enough to retire?

Who doesn’t love raises?

Investing in dividend aristocrats increasing the likelihood of annual dividend increases, not just quarterly payments.

I came across this great arti­cle on the Kiplinger finance site, 12 Dividend Aristocrats for Every Month of the Year. It lists 12 com­pa­nies and shares some of their div­i­dend his­to­ry. As a group, you’ll get div­i­dend pay­ments every month. Getting paid every month, helps with bud­get­ing and cash flow for sure. Though I like […]

The Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck cover

The Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck (New York City: Infinite Probabilities, 2016)

A fun and social­ly con­scious plan to get you start­ed invest­ing. Written by yours tru­ly! Yeah, this is my book.

During the edit­ing process, I read my book over and over. There were times when I was feel­ing down about the pub­lish­ing process — whether how long it was tak­ing, or how dif­fi­cult some of the stages were. I’d read my book and be inspired.

I believe I’ve told a unique sto­ry that will help peo­ple who are not friends with num­bers get start­ed invest­ing. Technology is mak­ing it eas­i­er than ever to get start­ed, but peo­ple still need a sto­ry to hook their inter­est. Here it is.

It’s a quick read, shouldn’t take more than a cou­ple or a few hours. But be pre­pared to re-read it, espe­cial­ly Part Four where I out­line spe­cif­ic action­able steps to get start­ed.

I’m also work­ing on a free email course to take that sec­tion even fur­ther for peo­ple who start invest­ing mod­est­ly with the pur­pose of learn­ing more about invest­ing. Subscribe if you’d like to be noti­fied when it’s avail­able.

Exactly what we want to hear from the CFO

Disclosure. I own Apple stock (tick­er: AAPL). Last night we heard Apple’s CEO and CFO share last quarter’s results. As a share­hold­er, I paid atten­tion to the call — this time through Twitter. I have a sinus infec­tion which pre­vent­ed me from lis­ten­ing to the call live. I’m still wait­ing for the record­ing to become avail­able, […]

Measure the right things

Start young” we’re all told. It’s impor­tant to invest over a life-time to build wealth. I came across a great few lines in this short arti­cle: The con­sis­tent appli­ca­tion of a good invest­ing process takes slight edges and com­pounds them over time. I have just one sim­ple ques­tion. If ‘time’ is so impor­tant (and I agree […]

Learn from others

Sometimes I write posts to edu­cate. Others, I write to share my obser­va­tions — a small nugget that catch­es my atten­tion and why it’s done so can help you get com­fort­able with invest­ing, with mon­ey. (It took me a very long time to get com­fort­able with mon­ey, for so long it was all about safe­ty and if I […]

The secret to investing success

When some­thing is easy, it’s often hard to believe that it’s true. Gotta love @TMFHousel … keepin’ it real pic.twitter.com/tpLUA913IU — Bryan Hinmon, CFA (@BryanHinmon) March 2, 2016 Of course, my for­mu­la is slight­ly dif­fer­ent for good rea­son — My ver­sion of Bryan’s step #3 is: buy stocks that increase their div­i­dends year­ly, rein­vest the div­i­dends

Income Inequality

I’m a fan of income, I’m sure you are too. People still dis­like the banks, but there’s one opin­ion that says it’s not the banks that are the prob­lem: The cen­tral eco­nom­ic prob­lem of our time is income inequal­i­ty, espe­cial­ly the lack of per­son­al income growth for most Americans, which was one of the under­ly­ing […]

Getting big raises

I know you love rais­es. I came across an inter­est­ing arti­cle, The Incredible Growing Dividend. It’s writ­ten for those with a lit­tle more invest­ing back­ground than many read­ers here, but I feel it worth shar­ing. I’ll start with a quote: Although stock prices them­selves are quite volatile, the cash flows com­pa­nies col­lec­tive­ly pay out to investors don’t […]

How long do you want to continue working?

Frankly, I’d like to stop work­ing today. Let me be clear. I’d like to con­tin­ue work­ing, I’d just pre­fer not to have to work. Unfortunately, trends aren’t in my favor. Or yours, if you think like me. Americans are work­ing longer, retir­ing lat­er. It kin­da sucks because 20 years ago we made sac­ri­fices so that we […]