Socially Responsible Investing is Better

I feel that many peo­ple believe that the sim­ple act of invest­ing is dirty. Engaging in com­merce with the banks/brokerages is deal­ing with an ene­my that should be giv­en no quar­ter.

Socially Responsible Investing

What if I told you that’s not the whole pic­ture?

What if I told you that you should not only invest in align­ment with your social val­ues, but you should pick com­pa­nies that do the same. Why? According to the Energy Project, com­pa­nies that prac­tice “con­scious cap­i­tal­ism” per­form 10x bet­ter.

It seems com­pa­nies are start­ing to real­ize that they can per­form bet­ter if they infuse their cul­ture with a lev­el of social val­ues that at first glance, don’t seem rel­e­vant to their busi­ness. One part of that might be that employ­ees per­form bet­ter when they have a pur­pose. Harvard Business Review has great arti­cle on what job can­di­dates real­ly want, and what they want is align­ment to pur­pose.

Customers are choos­ing to do busi­ness with com­pa­nies that align to their social val­ues.

Employees are mak­ing career deci­sions based on align­ment to pur­pose.

It works for cus­tomers. It works for employ­ees. It will work for you as an investor.

Align your val­ues with your Elephant’s Paycheck Blueprint invest­ments and you’ll not only feel good about how you invest, it seems you’ll also be stack­ing the cards in your favor. Great news on many lev­els.

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