What’s stopping you from investing?

Stockpile tweet­ed a quote from my Stockpile review the oth­er day that got me to ask myself a sim­ple ques­tion about invest­ing. I want you to ask your­self this same ques­tion, but first the tweet:

With a lot of fric­tion around invest­ing removed with low min­i­mums and frac­tion­al shares

What’s stop­ping you from invest­ing?

It’s worth think­ing about. Of course, it could be a lack of mon­ey to invest (it could be, but is it real­ly? Or is the sac­ri­fice you’d have to make to invest an excuse to not fac­ing the fear of get­ting start­ed?). It could be fear of invest­ing or even the over­whelm­ing options (and opin­ions) about how to invest. Knowing what’s pre­vent­ing you from start­ing will help you get start­ed over­com­ing your inter­nal objec­tions to invest­ing.

While I don’t usu­al­ly write about bud­get­ing here (let me know if you’d like me to!), I hope that the Elephant’s Paycheck helps you over­come your fear of invest­ing with met­rics like ‘pay­check’ and ‘raise’.

And, I hope it helps you nar­row down your options by teach­ing you that one (of many) ways to invest is for div­i­dend income. And that of the whole uni­verse of stocks the 50 or so com­pa­nies that raise their div­i­dends every year is a small enough group that you can eas­i­ly use Stockpile (with their low min­i­mums and frac­tion­al shares) to get start­ed by buy­ing shares in a few as a learn­ing expe­ri­ence as much as an invest­ment.

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