Fees? What Fees?!

It’s incred­i­ble how unin­formed peo­ple are about their own finances. This arti­cle on the cost of British mutu­al funds is a lit­tle scary: The under­ly­ing prob­lem, at least when it comes to retail clients, is that fund man­agers do not com­pete on price at all. Part of this is due to many investors’ igno­rance. Remarkably, more than […]

Too much choice

Bob Moesta is a guy I fol­low because he real­ly under­stands con­sumers and how they make deci­sions about the prod­ucts they use (or don’t). 1/2 Too much choice dri­ves non-con­sump­tion. Anxiety of being wrong or too much to learn to make a deci­sion. — Bob Moesta (@bmoesta) October 20, 2016 As I was doing research for […]

Building wealth and life experience

From my own expe­ri­ence, earn­ing mon­ey is only part of the bat­tle. Not spend­ing what you earn, and turn­ing it into sus­tain­able wealth is the oth­er part. Possibly the hard­er part. In my book, I talk about my own jour­ney. Having earned a lot before I was 30, I had to learn “what next?”. Without being dri­ven by […]

3 Investing truths (that are ridiculously untrue)

I saw the fol­low­ing tweet and relat­ed to James’ sen­ti­ment: “It pays a good div­i­dend” might be the most com­mon, and least informed argu­ment for keep­ing any indi­vid­ual stock. — James Osborne, CFP® (@BasonAsset) September 26, 2016 I love div­i­dends, but “pay­ing a good one” is an awful argu­ment for buy­ing or keep­ing an invest­ment. Other con­tenders […]

investing truths

Whose side are they on?

The ‘they’ I’m refer­ring to in the title is not your advi­sor, but rather the whole indus­try at large. We hear that mutu­al funds are bet­ter. Mutual funds help indi­vid­u­als to diver­si­fy. We hear that indi­vid­ual investors shouldn’t be invest­ing in indi­vid­ual stocks. The thing is, that may be true, in part. However… So many mutu­al funds […]

Whose side are they on

Brokerage windows are a checklist answer protecting an old-school business model

401(k)‘s are unkind to savers in many ways. After last week’s post on the top­ic, ‘It’s hard not to hate on 401(k)s’, I received a good ques­tion as fol­lowup: What do you think of a bro­ker­age win­dow in the 401k to allow invest­ments in indi­vid­ual funds/stocks? A bro­ker­age win­dow is the abil­i­ty for a 401(k) hold­er to […]

It’s hard not to hate on 401(k)s

I always shake my head in dis­be­lief at peo­ple who don’t take the time to rollover their 401(k). I under­stand that invest­ing has a high bar­ri­er for peo­ple — both because of our fear of math & the “heav­i­ness” of to top­ic of mon­ey. It’s sim­ply irre­spon­si­ble* to leave your 401(k) in an employ­ee plan after leav­ing the com­pa­ny. When you […]

No thanks, I don’t need free money

File the title of this post under “things you’ll nev­er hear me say.” I’d sus­pect most of us wouldn’t ever say that… but appar­ent­ly one in four act it: On aver­age, employ­ees who fall short leave $1,336—or 2.4% of their salaries—on the table (Here’s a link to the full report) Since most of us wouldn’t turn away […]

Investing Suckers

What a great quote: “If you are too scared to look at your port­fo­lio, you are a suck­er in the invest­ing game.” Read this: https://t.co/f5KrQEScIP$SPY $GLD — StockTwits (@StockTwits) February 10, 2016 Why are you too scared to look? You don’t want to see how much mon­ey you’ve lost? Maybe you’re look­ing at the wrong met­rics? Shouldn’t invest­ing […]