How to beat the market

Look at that dark green line. That’s where you want to be — over 30% greater returns than the next best group­ing of stocks. Notice the long time­line of this chart. When you have a long time hori­zon, and stick to your strat­e­gy, you can do real­ly well regard­less of short­­er-term mar­ket dynam­ics (like the […]

Large cap dividend returns

The Importance of Dividends

I love the idea build­ing wealth. But what has always turned me on about invest­ing is that the mon­ey I’ve set aside can earn mon­ey on its own (with­out me work­ing). That’s the gen­e­sis of the Elephant’s Paycheck. I’ve focused on the impor­tance of div­i­dends to the long term strat­e­gy of wealth build­ing, and on […]

What are Dividends?

Are You Paying Attention to the Right Financial News?

It’s all about the Elephant’s Paycheck. The div­i­dend income you receive, and rein­vest until you need it. How do you find good infor­ma­tion about div­i­dend stocks? The thing is, sta­ble div­i­dend pay­ers some­times tell you what their plans are. Not always, but often enough that it’s impor­tant to lis­ten. They might tell you that the […]

Increasing Dividends

Tired & Boring Investing

It’s the dream: Find a pen­ny stock that your “spe­cial insight” leads you to believe that it’s under­val­ued. Buy tons. Watch it go to $10. Sell (pay 40–50% of your gains in tax­es) & retire. You might think this is invest­ing, I think it’s gam­bling. Though, if you have a “spe­cial insight” you would be […]

Investing or Gambling? Your Choice.

Buying Microsoft stock is a great exam­ple of the kind of invest­ing gam­bling indi­vid­ual investors should avoid, let me share why. We’re afraid to make invest­ing mis­takes and lose mon­ey. Yet, when I speak to peo­ple about the Elephant’s Paycheck Blueprint, the con­ver­sa­tion even­tu­al­ly goes to a place where I’m asked my opin­ion on a spe­cif­ic invest­ment. Even […]

Investing or Gambling, Just a Roll of the Dice

Shocking 401K Statistic

Reading a Money Magazine arti­cle on the best moves for mil­len­ni­als to build wealth, I came across this shock­ing sta­tis­tic about how the 25–34 year old age group treats their 401K’s when they switch jobs: More than half of work­ers in their twen­ties who leave a job do not roll their 401(k) into an IRA […]

How to Get a Big Pay Raise Every Year

Growth is an impor­tant part of invest­ing, right? Do bet­ter this year than last year. Better next year than this year. At work, you think in terms of a big pay raise to mea­sure doing bet­ter year over year. Why think dif­fer­ent­ly about invest­ing? It’s com­mon to focus on net worth. In my expe­ri­ence it’s […]

Pay Raise Image