Is Stash legitimate?

I’ve got­ten a few ver­sions of the ques­tion “Is Stash legit­i­mate?” via email from read­ers. I thought I’d share my answer more gen­er­al­ly. Since I wrote the ini­tial post below, Stockpile has pub­lished a rel­e­vant post: What Happens to my invest­ments if some­thing hap­pens to Stockpile?  Stash invest­ment options What you buy from Stash are either ETFs (Exchange […]

Brokerage windows are a checklist answer protecting an old-school business model

401(k)‘s are unkind to savers in many ways. After last week’s post on the top­ic, ‘It’s hard not to hate on 401(k)s’, I received a good ques­tion as fol­lowup: What do you think of a bro­ker­age win­dow in the 401k to allow invest­ments in indi­vid­ual funds/stocks? A bro­ker­age win­dow is the abil­i­ty for a 401(k) hold­er […]

What happens to big oil dividends if oil prices stay low?

I get asked ques­tions all the time. I thought I’d share some (along with my answers) that might be of gen­er­al inter­est start­ing with this post. On the top­ic of div­i­dends: what is your take on Big Oil going into the red to con­tin­ue to deliv­er div­i­dends? It seems like a risky bet in the […]