3 of My Favorite Stockpile Features

It’s no secret, I love Stockpile. It’s my favorite new company/app that’s tak­ing on the old-school world of invest­ing. I use Stockpile. I use Stockpile for my kids. I use Stockpile to help peo­ple who read my free email course, Money Making Money, to get start­ed invest­ing. I’ve writ­ten a review of Stockpile in the […]

Stockpile Review

I am in love. The most fun way to invest in the stock market is dividend reinvesting. Stockpile makes dividend reinvesting as simple as it is fun.

I can’t even con­tain how excit­ed Stockpile makes me. I have such a pas­sion for invest­ing by rein­vest­ing div­i­dends and hav­ing mon­ey make mon­ey. These guys seem to have thought of every­thing, and invest­ing is as easy as it can be. You can get start­ed with as lit­tle as $1. (Whether it makes sense to […]

My first Stockpile gift card; I felt I had to use the product before I could write my Stockpile Review

Embed live market data in a google sheet

Want to track your port­fo­lio with the list amount of effort? Setup a Google Sheet with the infor­ma­tion you want (here’s the land­ing page for the tem­plate we use for the Elephant’s Paycheck, you can save a copy and edit it for your own needs). The rea­son I use Google Sheets is because it makes it […]

Is Stash legitimate?

I’ve got­ten a few ver­sions of the ques­tion “Is Stash legit­i­mate?” via email from read­ers. I thought I’d share my answer more gen­er­al­ly. Since I wrote the ini­tial post below, Stockpile has pub­lished a rel­e­vant post: What Happens to my invest­ments if some­thing hap­pens to Stockpile?  Stash invest­ment options What you buy from Stash are either ETFs (Exchange […]

Robinhood Review

Robinhood is a glimpse into what every bro­ker­age should be in a mobile first world. It’s got a nice clear inter­face that makes invest­ing fun, in a way that look­ing at bank state­ments is the oppo­site of fun. It’s bewil­der­ing that every bro­ker­age hasn’t yet down­loaded the app and copied it to improve their own mobile […]

Robinhood Instant

Investing app reviews

One of the bits of neg­a­tive feed­back I’ve got­ten of my book is about the tac­ti­cal how-to. Specifically, I rec­om­mend a bit of an “old school” way to get start­ed. I rec­om­mend using direct pur­chase plans. In my mind, there are three broad ways to invest: Traditional bro­ker­ages Direct pur­chase plans Apps Direct pur­chase plans vs tra­di­tion­al […]

Building Wealth

Why Elephant’s Paycheck? Is it about help­ing peo­ple save for their future? For retire­ment? Helping peo­ple to invest? Something else? Actually, yes. It is some­thing else. It’s about build­ing wealth. If you think of our rela­tion­ship with mon­ey, I bet you’d come up with the fol­low­ing list of things to do. Get a job. Manage […]

Building Wealth